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Toyota turns to blockchain to optimize digital ad buys


The Japanese automotive giant announced its cooperation with Lucidity, a marketing analytics company, to reduce fraud when buying digital ads. Through its new collaboration Toyota seeks to achieve transparency in the automotive advertising campaign and to have more targeted placements.
It is noted that the size of the US car digital advertising market in 2018 was estimated at around $ 15 billion. Nancy Inouye, Media Director at Toyota North America, said that the Lucidity campaign led to a 21% increase in visits to the Toyota website.

As mentioned, Lucidity has been able to highlight sites and apps with a high level of deviations and clicks (indicating fraud or bot usage), thus leading them to transfer funds to higher performing sites.

Also, it is noted that after the very positive results during the original three-week trial period, the company plans to extend its agreement with Lucidity.
Blockchain technologies have already been used in the media and advertising industry to address issues such as fake traffic information and bot use, as well as to control the transactions between advertisers and advertisers.