Chalkis 7 Str, Business Avenue - Building A, Pilaia, Thessaloniki 55535, Greece

Meet us at TechSaloniki#5

Blockachain participates in the networking event, TechSaloniki

Blockachain, the joint venture of Athens Technology Center (ATC) and Vidavo, two leading Greek software and telemedicine companies, is participating in TechSaloniki, the biggest IT networking event in Northern Greece, from October 5th – 6th 2019, at Warehouse C in the port of Thessaloniki.

TechSaloniki is returning for the fifth consecutive year in a two-day event aiming to bring together 28 of the largest IT companies in Northern Greece, with exceptional candidates who want to pursue a career in the tech ecosystem.

Participants will have the opportunity to get to know Blockachain‘s team and its innovative solutions, while at the same time will be able to claim one of its available job openings Front-end Developer, Mobile Application Developer and Software Engineer.


A few words about TechSaloniki

The annual TechSaloniki 2-day event is the product of a shared vision to showcase the thriving tech industry of Northern Greece. Α collective effort of major IT companies trying to bridge the gap between unemployment and unfilled positions in Thessaloniki. The business culture of TechSaloniki supports people who want to excel in their tech career and makes sure that community building is a key that remains at the forefront. TechSaloniki screens lots of candidates each year and selects those with exceptional, high-impact potential through a multi-step selection process, which has a typical duration of 2 days and involves assessment by both a tech-skills test and experienced recruiters. You can read more here.

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