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Custom Software Development & Integration

We help businesses grow exponentially, by designing the technology tools they need to win.

Custom Software Development & Integration

From planning to deployment phase, all tasks and deliverables along with required sign-offs are well-defined and documented ensuring that your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Data Analytics
Enterprise Process Automation
Software, data & content cloud migration
Web & Mobile apps
Workflow Management
Natural Language Processing

Agile is our mantra

We follow Agile and Scrum methodologies throughout the software lifecycle,
to ensure that even with requirement changes’, you will be confident upon delivery.

Gaining insights from raw data

We love to work on natural language processing, prediction modelling and classification problems. Advanced machine learning algorithms and inference models application will help you predict what will come next, supported by easy to navigate visualized reports.
Sentiment analysis
Social media clustering
Named Entity Recognition
Topic classification
Image forensics

Quality Assurance and Testing

Proven testing techniques and state-of-the-art tools and methodologies, ensure in-depth, comprehensive testing for validation and quality assurance purposes, along with reliability estimation.
Functional testing
Validate that the software meets all specifications.
Performance & stress testing
Stress test software performance to ensure reliability
Automated testing
Use scripts to test variable scenarios according to multiple data
Load testing
Check applications’ performance under normal and peak load conditions.
UI testing
Check accuracy of screen validations, data integrity, navigational accuracy and other GUI features and functionality.

Project, process, business – we can handle it!

You can count on us for objective recommendations in areas like project scoping and planning, business process and system design
Dedicated work teams and a variety of engagement models allows us to seamlessly co-operate with your home-based resources
Our extended expertise at a wide range of technologies and platforms secure a customized service that meets your technology strategy tightly