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DLT Communities - Blockchain

We use blockchain technologies to help people formulate communities in order to tackle demanding problems.

A dedicated blockchain lab focuses on Smart Contracts and Blockchain solutions for business, government and enterprise.
Collaboration around the globe
Distributer Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions and the use of Smart Contracts help us create large communities where people can exchange data and money in a transparent and trustworthy way
Blockchain in media
Our profound experience in content management, editorial systems and news verification tools, allows us to build DLT solutions which facilitate collaborative fact-checking and citizen journalism between freelancers and agencies
Revolutionized Marketplaces
The power of blockchain will permit suppliers and buyers to interact on a platform with high levels of trust and transparency, setting their own rules, with no third-party restrictions

A self-regulated and self-organized world.

In the blockchain ecosystem, there is no need for a centralized authority to regulate and control interactions within a community or a marketplace.
Checks actual ownership status of digital asset & whether the buyer met the price set by the seller 
A third party could take part to legally verify the transaction 
All interactions are digitally signed by all participants
When all conditions of the contract are met, the digital asset changes ownership and the money is moved to the digital wallet of the seller

Let’s sum up!

In a DLT-based community, regardless of the industry it operates in

anyone is allowed to ask or bid for content or services


anyone can fund or get funded without knowing the other participants each other


any attempt to tamper content or provide false facts, will be noticed and stopped