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Thanks to its teams’ extensive expertise, Blockachain can provide first class services concerning innovative, medical related solutions.

An innovative, integrated system

for telemonitoring biological signals and health parameters,

which enables doctor-patient ubiquitous interaction.

Wearable sensors and devices record real-time biological signals that are safely stored in the cloud.
Health professionals access their patients’ personal profile, laboratory tests or even their family medical history data via an online platform.
In that way, they can take well informed in case of patients with chronic illnesses or even use the recorded health indicators to identify and prevent the emergence of chronic diseases.

Our solution’s components

Real time patient tracking

Data Monitoring and Analysis platform

Customized monitoring tools

Personalized Notification System- Emergency Handling

3rd Party integration

Technical Coordination

We can ensure detailed definition of overall architectures and specifications for the whole design activities and the components of a medical software platform, targeting the identification and engagement of different stakeholders. In addition to this, we can lead the solution integration of different components into a well-documented single platform.